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City and County Commission public video clips of interest

Sound policies are those that consistently produce time tested tangible results, while shaky, all hat and no cattle policies result in horrific revenue management and tax increases. Shaky policies that promise much but produce very little are easily exposed by going back and looking at what was promised and comparing it to what was delivered.

Reviewing policies based on chronological video evidence allows us to see who had/has vision and who lacked/lacks vision. Video evidence from the past has a tendency to make one look like a genius, or a fool. Gatortown Review by means of short video clips fact check what was said then, and how it compares to what is being said now, and subsequently what were the results.

  • Just call and we will be there

    2022-03-01 21:23:00
    The ability to paint a rosy picture is a must have attribute, if you value your political life in Alachua County these days. The art of mollifying plays extremely well in a world where symbolism is treated as the be-all and-end all answer to whatever ills that may be out there rearing its ugly head. It would be very nice to be able to call any commissioner and they come out to see what the problem is.

     614     170       23
  • What year was that vote?

    2022-03-01 21:19:46
    The voters who voted for the rules of the charter are probably in the minority now. It is not like the voters of Alachua County get to vote on the rules of the charter every year. When the rules for changing the constitution were put in place, they were intended to make the process cumbersome but not impossible. Now we have a situation where the constitution has been weaponized in a way that makes it impossible to change unless the change is to make way for a new neo-liberal idea.

     523     342       54
  • Clean it up!

    2022-03-01 21:14:11
    There have never been three African Americans serving on the Board of County Commissioners simultaneously. It sounds good when you are trying to give the impression that the county is color blind. What difference does it make if there were two or three or whatever serving on the board at once? Besides, we don't believe in that old two is a crowd three is a riot stereotype.

     563     116       15
  • My County

    2022-03-01 21:07:52
    This is my county, I run it the way I see fit, and I don't want anybody telling me what I can or can't do. My county serves everyone equally and fairly, therefore there is no reason for Tallahassee to be concerned about what we are doing in my county. All the citizens of my county are in lock-step on the direction the county is moving in and we are all extremely happy. My county does not need Tallahassee, Tallahassee needs my county because we are the best thing that has happened to Florida.

     619     237       26
  • All about Scheming

    2022-03-01 21:03:20
    Whatever schemes that happen in Tallahassee should stay in Tallahassee. We insist on the schemes that are taking place in Alachua County be of no concern of Tallahassee. Let the locals figure out how to deal with our schemes. Our schemes are for the benefit of our county and we know best how to scheme against our citizens. Don't go meddling in our schemes Tallahassee, mind your own business.

     598     169       17
  • We make it hard

    2022-03-01 20:58:47
    The Alachua County constitution has been sealed and is off limits to change by certain elements in the county. The unwritten ordinance the county is operating under go something like this: Whereas, no deplorables shall be allowed on the county's Charter Review Commission. Whereas, no deplorables are welcome on the Board of County Commission. Whereas we make sure no deplorable shall have time to do the work of gathering signatures by making sure they will be too busy trying to pay their taxes.

     604     462       36
  • Getting elected is only half the battle

    2022-03-01 20:51:53
    We shouldn't assume being elected means serving your constituents. Again, being elected does not mean you are going to fight for those you are supposed to be serving. Alachua County has had a huge underserved community since the birth of a nation. The question the woke crowd is now asking is how does the underserved community deal with deadbeat commissioners; Commissioners who do not serve them? The underserved communities' fate is constantly in the hands of deadbeat commissioners who are hard to get rid of. HB1493 makes it easy to get rid of deadbeat commissioners who refuse to serve their district.

     588     220       19
  • When is it voter suppression?

    2022-03-01 20:38:49
    The opponents of house bill 1493 are trying to prevent the voters of Alachua County from having the ability to vote on what type of county government they want. The proponents of the bill are trying to give the voters the ability to vote for the type of government they want. How is making voting easy, while at the same time limiting what gets on the ballot, any different from denying one the right to vote?

     773     187       17
  • She didn't mean it

    2022-03-01 20:36:28
    She said it but she did not mean it. I agreed with her views on HB1493 until I disagreed with her. All the commissioners have their own opinions and on occasion one of those opinions may wander off the reservation but it's all good. Since the current version of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners is trying to implement a nanny state form of government, it makes since the board would want to engage in a public brainwashing campaign in order to make it work. I would like to think my BoCC rolls out the red carpet to all no matter what their political party affiliation is. If that isn't true I wish someone would correct me on this.

     576     219       12
  • Did not say 'may I'

    2022-03-01 20:33:20
    The word on the street is, because the author of HB1493 did not ask the leaders of the underserved community if they have his blessing on the bill, they should vote against it. Deadbeat commissioners are on the run from HB1493 the single member district proposal, and they are the ones who are screaming the loudest and trying to make sure it does not pass. They are resorting to the oldest trick in the book by telling the underserved they support racists if they vote for single member districts. Why is that? It is because HB1493 gives each county commissioner an ultimatum. It says serve your district or get voted out by those you underserve. The prospect of having to work hard to earn the underserved communities' vote, if they want to keep their job, frightens some commissioners. Vote YES for single member districts.

     610     214       24
  • Why pick on us?

    2022-03-01 20:31:55
    The question is why us and not the other counties in the district? The answer is, this is not a one-size fits all solution to be applied. The BoCC loves one-size fit all solutions, so it makes sense why the chair of the board would ask why not apply the proposed single member districts to other counties?

     683     118       12
  • You can trust me

    2022-03-01 20:29:04
    I harbor no ill will against any district in the county. I've taught every type of youngins and white kids too, so I know I care. HB 1493 would be bad for our youngins and I will try to convince the voters to vote it down. Besides, the lie of omission does not apply to county districts.

     457     91       0

  • Being underserved is good for citizens

    2022-03-01 20:27:59
    The underserved communities of Alachua County will remain underserved forever unless the underserved are granted the power to vote out the bums who are underserving them. The underserved citizens of Alachua County are being held hostage by a nanny state.

     709     214       14

  • Clearly out of touch

    2022-03-01 20:26:43
    To say that there are just as many African Americans living in the three western county districts as there are in the two eastern county districts is not only facetious, but shows the extent deadbeat commissioners will go to keep from serving the underserved. It is high time we hold elected officials accountable for what they say. This applies to democrats and republicans. Any politician who brazenly tries to deceive the public should be thrown out of office.

     1,169     670       4
  • Using taxpayer money against the public

    2022-03-01 19:35:49
    Telling the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners they can't spend tax dollars is worse than banishing them to eternal purgatory. The mandate by the legislature that says taxpayer dollars can't be spent by the BoCC on anything that tries to sway voter opinion on HB1493 may be a case where complying by the rules can be a death sentence. Voters' minds should be so made up on this matter until the county commission couldn't sway them with all the money in the world. We all want county single member districts.

     592     160       22