But my eyes are toward thee, O Lord God: in thee I seek refuge; leave me not defenseless!
Keep me from the trap which they have laid for me, and from the snares of evildoers! PSALMS 141:8-9

We awaken each day into a world where deception and darkness can easily be cloaked as goodwill and light. We need a guide to help use navigate through the day; a guide who can see beyond what we see. Jesus, the son of God promised to share his spirit to be that navigator if we put our complete trust in him.

On the surface it appears to be quiet evident that very few are putting the proper amount of trust in the Lord. I say on the surface because looks can be very deceiving in some instances.

There is a physical and a mental aspect to life. The physical is susceptible to all sorts of judgmental calls by those around us and can exist in an environment devoid to any truth. Beneath the surface is where life really happens and where truth can be found. The mental side of life is where our focus should be. Mastering the mental side of life automatically benefits the physical side, but not vice versa.

Trusting in the Lord changes your outlook on life. Trusting in the Lord takes you from being lead about by worldly circumstances and simple ideas to a position of enlightenment and understanding. Without the Lord you live life blindly and are constantly being ensnared by the forces of darkness. Living in the shadow of the Lord gives you a great understanding of the forces that are arrayed against you. Without the Lord you are defenseless in life. The absence of the Lord can be masked in the physical side of life with money and material things; masked to the point where everything looks normal.

Mentally you can't hide the absence of the Lord. Your very words, thoughts and actions testify against you. Your mouth is what the forces of darkness in this world is interested in the most. A mouth with no God watching over it and keeping it is equivalent to or can be likened to driving drunk; you think you are in control but you're not.

You need the Lord to show you where the traps and snares are located. Walking through life can be likened to walking through a mine field. Without the guidance of the Lord you expose yourself to becoming a victim of subtle snares that can constantly dog you for a lifetime. Most snares in life today are so expertly set until only those who truly rely on the Lord can spot them at first glance.

The power of the Lord really shines through when you expound on the haves-and-have-nots paradigm. With the Lord you have, without the Lord you have not. The ability to see what others can't along with contentment and peace of mind are invaluable attributes to have in today's world. If you have these attributes you have a strong defense and can navigate life far better than someone who is immensely rich but devoid of the Lord.

Trusting in the Lord leads to true freedom and independence from those who have embraced the antichrist worldly way of living. As the eyes of servants look to the hands of their master and the eyes of a maid unto the hand of her mistress, so your eyes should look to the Lord your God till he have mercy upon you.