As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man.
Matthew 24:36

Climate change is being labeled as the cause of almost every disaster the world experience these days. Unprecedented wind, rain, fire, drought and snow events are always in the headlines. Climate change is said to be something that is man-made and can be prevented if man would move away from the use of fossil fuels. Predictions are that if man doesn't stop using fossil fuel soon, heat trapping greenhouse gases will destroy all life on earth; the earth will be a dead planet drifting in space.

The scenario of a dead planet though scientifically feasible, can never become reality. The reason why it can never become reality is because it contradicts the word of God. Our Lord Jesus has told us what the world will be like when he returns. He also told us that every eye shall see him when he returns. Therefore there can be no scenario where those immutable written words given to us by Jesus the Christ can be made void; they should be accepted in the spirit of non-repudiation.

We know from scripture that whenever a nation attempts to make God's word void they suffer the consequences. The country usually implodes under its own folly. A folly that blinds them from seeing what is really happening to them.

The God of heaven's armies has some very bad ranking officers that can be ruthless and unstoppable. Next time you see breaking news about some natural disaster; don't dismiss the possibility that the cause could be the work of God sending one of his officers on a mission that is designed to get our attention. God goes to great lengths to try to get our attention because He loves us so much. He prefer we be inquisitive about breaking news events; inquisitive in a way that make us think about why this is happening and could this be the result of something we are doing that may be upsetting our God.

A world free from the use of fossil fuel would be a good thing but should not be conflated with a world free from sin that fears God.

This new 'make void the word' climate that is now upon us is a change from the way past generations lived. We are living in an era where scientists are looked upon as prophets. When some science expert proclaim that natural disasters will all go away, if we stop using fossil fuel don't believe that lie; that's a false prophet speaking to you. As our religious climate goes, so goes our nation. Do your part by not being deceived by experts and fear God instead. Take seriously the commandments of the Lord, embrace them and try to adhere to them daily. The future may depend on whose word we elect to believe, the word of Jesus or the word of a climate scientist.

Alachua County government officials should not be spending taxpayer money on groups that try to influence policy decision by pushing the dead planet theory. Local government should only be interested in hearing presentations on climate change that is presented in the proper context.
-GatorTown Review-