Zombie voters can have negative impact on system

The 2020 election was probably the most defining moment in the history of voting in the US. There were several unprecedented maneuvers by the political parties during the campaign until an indelible mark that will forever change the way we view the entire election process.

The thing that has stuck with me when I think about the 2020 was I heard one of the County commissioners say "since Trump is on the ballot in 2020, we should pack the ballot with all of our wish lists items because there is likely to be a large voter turnout." In other words, he was saying when you move beyond the diehard voters, you a class of voters who only know they have a right to vote. These are voters who are filling out ballots without applying any thought to what they are voting for.

The commissioner was right in his assertion that there would be voters showing up simply because Donald Trump was on the ballot. He was also right in that you can take advantage of the situation when emotions run high at the polls. That is the time to make out a long wish list and let the voters do the rest. With the proper ballot language in place that is designed to deceive the Jethro types, the county can have a banner night at the polls, and they did.

That's how politics work today. It isn't about what is best for the people but what is best for people like the commissioner who is pushing an agenda. The only thing needed is a group of fools to carry out his plans. Zombie voters are just what the doctor ordered for people like our commissioner. They vote purely on emotion without giving any thought to the fact that what they are voting for may not be in their best interest. Usually, a suggestion from someone they consider as a confidant or a message suggesting racial overtones is all it takes to short circuit any brain waves of the zombie voter may be experiencing.

For people like the commissioner, zombie voters are a godsend. For others, zombie voters are seen as dangerous not only to themselves but to society in general. The system is designed to work for people who are paying attention. We hear it said so often that "the system is broken," but we don't care to ask who broke it. Zombie voters, if they haven't broken the system, they sure have rendered it void. The voting booth is no place for a mindless idiot. The stakes are too great to be left in the hands of some fool who is clueless about what is going on.

Ridding the system of zombie voters is very difficult because zombie voters can't think; they can only do what they are told and since there are so many zombie hunters in media and running loose in our community feeding them misinformation, I don't see a clear path to correcting this problem. There is a clause in the election rules at state all voters must be of sound mind but it never gets enforced. Technically, anyone who votes against their own best interest should be a red flag to the supervisor of elections. Anyone who votes against their own best interest can't be of a sound mind.

If you have to have a cheat sheet before you can fill out a ballot, you're a zombie voter.
.  If you are only concerned with 'D' and 'R' when filling out a ballot, you're a zombie voter.
.  If you don't know that you don't have to make a choice (leave it blank) if you are not informed about something on the ballot, you're a zombie voter.
.  If your ballot selections are solely based on gender or race, you're a zombie voter.
.  If you complain after every election about how you vote but nothing ever changes, you're probably a zombie voter.