Gator Town Review (GTR) is a small oasis that resembles a kind of "sublime madness" in the Alachua County news desert. In this desert you have two choices: a)don't follow the news and just be uninformed or b) follow the Romper Room news and be misinformed.

There are no publications of valor in Alachua County that oversee local Government; Investigative reporting and fact checking politicians is nonexistent. Unlike the local media in the Gainesville area, GTR does not focus on Jerry Springer style spectacle stories designed to distract the audience from real issues.
GTR believes Government actions and policies should be critiqued, and that is what we try to do in the absence of the press, which has abrogated its responsibilities altogether. We also believe the best news reporting happens when journalist are given the opportunity to pursue any story and speak freely about it. So, in a nutshell, our aim is to be a local government watchdog.

Through the review process the citizens of Alachua County are able to inform, enlighten, warn, and otherwise give each other valuable knowledge about government officials that can be very helpful in shaping our community. We believe the citizens should have a way to rate the performance of the people who are greatly influencing their lives.

It is almost a given when shopping online to read the reviews of a product before selecting it. GTR thinks the same should be true before you make selections on a voting ballot. The question should be, how does a particular candidate rate in the eyes of other citizens who may have had an encounter with their policies. Every online merchant know the importance of a five-star rating for their product, and they go to great lengths to try to maintain a healthy rating for their products.

We think politicians will be like minded when it come to their ratings as well, since their rating is based on their product, which is their ability to put forth and support sound and sensible policies.

We are a private group of citizens for efficient government staffed by volunteers, so don't be surprised if you encounter a typo or two. Our main concern is that our data is accurate and can be verified through credible sources, if anyone wishes to challenge it.

It has ever been…our fixed resolution to keep our publication free and open…yet we do not mean it should be a vehicle of inflammatory declaration.
-GatorTown Review